Fish have just completed two four-lane fill depositors for a well-known pie manufacturer. The delivery of these two will bring the number of Fish depositors on this one site to seven.

The units are low level to receive fill from trays at waist height. Interlocked grids across the top of the hopper have been reinforced with a plant frame to avoid damage from the trays.

The mechanical functions are all pneumatically powered: d-valve, product cylinders and cut-off cylinders. The cut-off cylinders feature blow-off with air filtered to food standards.

Control of the units is fully electronic with all aspects of the machines running and priming cycles fully programmable.

The depositors can be readily stripped down for thorough hygiening and each has been supplied with a wash-down trolley to facilitate this.

So if you are in the market for a fill depositor contact Fish, there is no reason to compromise.